Reliable and Affordable Energy: The Lifeblood of Our Economy

The Energy Contract With America, where we believe reliable and affordable energy is the heartbeat of our economy. It powers our homes, fuels our businesses, and drives our transportation and industry.

Yet, bad policies at the national, state and local level keep making energy more expensive.  Now millions of Americans are facing energy poverty—something unthinkable just a few years ago. It shouldn’t be this way.

A Bold Idea: Accountability in Energy Policy

Our friends at the US Oil and Gas Association have a powerful idea: let’s hold our political leaders accountable at every level—national, state, and local—for their energy policy decisions.

It’s time they sign the “Energy Contract with America.”

The Energy Contract with America

It’s simple – yet a powerful statement of common sense energy policy.

End Energy Poverty in America

  • Stop the bad policies driving up energy costs.
  • No American family should have to choose between buying groceries or getting to work. Energy poverty should not exist in a nation with such abundant resources.
  • Let’s support policies that produce abundant energy and end energy poverty in America.
  • Affordable energy is key to giving American families a leg up.

Make Energy Accessible, Affordable, Clean, and Reliable for Everyone

End the restrictions on developing all our energy resources—renewable, fossil, and nuclear. Every energy source has a role to play in our diverse energy landscape.

Policies should make every type of energy more accessible, affordable, and reliable for everyone, no matter where they live.

This includes urban centers, rural communities, and everything in between.

Let’s unlock America’s full energy potential now, ensuring that no one is left in the dark or out in the cold.

Produce More of Everything

Ramp up production of every type of energy in a clean and environmentally responsible way.

No more pitting one energy source against another.

Let’s support policies that enable all U.S. energy producers to do their jobs and produce more of everything.

From solar panels and wind turbines to natural gas plants and nuclear reactors, every technology should be harnessed to meet our growing energy needs. This comprehensive approach ensures resilience and sustainability in our energy future.